As she becomes covered with wounds, the fairy that should have fallen to earth dances. Here is Titania. Almost like a scarlet flower, blooming fully with pride.



I’m sick of magical worlds with no technology. I want fairy run coffee shops where you can get a latte with a shot of charisma, because you’ve got a big presentation you’re worried about, or witches working at Apple selling phones that automatically appear in your pocket if you accidentally leave it somewhere, or psychics running hair salons who always know how you want your hair to look, or aura reader therapists. I just really want normalized magic in modern society

Everyone is alone. Everyone is empty. People no longer have need of others. You can always find a spare for any replacement. Any relationship can be replaced. I had gotten bored of a world like that. But for some reason… the thought that someone other than you might kill me never occurred to me. Say, what do you think Kougami? After this, will you be able to find a replacement for me?” - Shogo Makishima

I can accept this place as my home.

Meanwhile, I watched Orenchi this week

And I’m still guessing why people insist in say (Or leave between the lines) that Wakasa’s voice actor is the same as Makoto’s,

Makoto’s VA is Tatsuhisa, and Wakasa’s VA is a greenhorn damn good VA

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